Friday, August 14, 2015

Bitcoin Faucet Referral Mass Link Generator - Generate 400+ money making income streams

_ We have developed a simple generation tool, to create your own faucet referral links at the click of a button.
( For those of you who do not know what a bitcoin faucet is, click on my last post "here" )
With this tool, no more time wasted hand typing links or looking up faucet sites for referral links. Generate from our built in database of URLs You can post these generated links anywhere you wish.
Just think of what you can do:
  • Post on Social Media Sites
  • Post on Forums and Boards
  • Post in Comments On Blogs
  • Create Your Own Faucet Directory Website
Tool generates up to 400+ links in these formats:
  • plain text ( urls )
  • HTML ( table and link code )
  • SQL ( sql table code )
  • XLS ( MS-Office / Open-Office compatible SpreadSheet )

For Those Interested In Purchasing This Tool, You Can By Clicking The PayPal Button


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