Friday, August 14, 2015

Bitcoin Faucet Referral Mass Link Generator - Generate 400+ money making income streams

_ We have developed a simple generation tool, to create your own faucet referral links at the click of a button.
( For those of you who do not know what a bitcoin faucet is, click on my last post "here" )
With this tool, no more time wasted hand typing links or looking up faucet sites for referral links. Generate from our built in database of URLs You can post these generated links anywhere you wish.
Just think of what you can do:
  • Post on Social Media Sites
  • Post on Forums and Boards
  • Post in Comments On Blogs
  • Create Your Own Faucet Directory Website
Tool generates up to 400+ links in these formats:
  • plain text ( urls )
  • HTML ( table and link code )
  • SQL ( sql table code )
  • XLS ( MS-Office / Open-Office compatible SpreadSheet )

For Those Interested In Purchasing This Tool, You Can By Clicking The PayPal Button

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet Sites And Information


High Paying Bitcoin Faucet Sites

Link-OFFERINGDrip Refresh Wait
Bitcoin Faucet EU- 50000 Satoshi30m
Flying Faucet- Flying Faucet75 - 10000 Satoshi1h
PinkTussys Free Coins- Free Bitcoins for all325 - 10000 Satoshi30m
The BitCoin Sheep- 1000 - 10000 Satoshi1h
Scratch4Satoshis- Scratch 4 Satoshis100 - 200000 Satoshi15m 400 - 10000 Satoshi1h
Golds-day- 150 - 500000 Satoshi5m
coinfaucet- 100 - 10000 Satoshi15m
spin-and-win- 100 - 10000 Satoshi15m 150 - 100000 Satoshi1h 250 - 100000 Satoshi2m
satoshisfaucet- Satoshis Faucet70000 Satoshi6h All bitcoin10000 Satoshi30m
MakeFreeBits!- makefreebits20000 Satoshi15m
COINER- 10000 Satoshi1h
Real bitcoin Faucet- Real bitcoin Faucet10000 Satoshi1h The Best FaucetBOX10000 Satoshi1h

About Faucets

What are Faucets?

Faucets are websites with free offerings of crypto-currency.Offerings are generally called drips. BitCoin (BTC) is the worlds most popular crypto-currency. People who have money can invest in high-end BitCoin Mining Equipment or strait out exchange dollars for BitCoin. If you do not have much to spend, this is where faucets come in. Basically, free BitCoin in minute quantities called 'Satoshis'. Think of dollars down to cents. When you access a faucet, they generally ask you to answer a captcha and/or play a little game. Satoshis are dispensed in quantities that each site implies, or a random figure ( lottery ).

Faucet Usage Requirements.

The only requirement you need to use a faucet is a BitCoin wallet. You can get one for free @ which is a service providing secure hosted wallets. Use the wallets public address, to receive currency (Satoshis), when prompted, in the provided textbox, which each faucet asks for.

Caveats And Other Mentions

*The primary downside to using faucets is time management. Each sites has a drip wait, of hours/minutes before you can use it again.
*Another issue, is that the site could be out of funds. If this occurs, you will have to wait until the site operator adds more.
*Finally, your bitcoin earnings may be held back on hub sites (often called caches), instead of direct dispense. It is only when your amount reaches a certain threshold, that your earnings are dispensed to your wallet. You can often check your progress at the hubs, such as, and, by providing your wallet address.


Did you know you could make extra coin by referring users? Most faucet sites permit this. Simply add the '?r=<YOUR BITCOIN ADDRESS HERE>' to the end of the faucet URL. You may then post your links on forums and social media, and share them among your friends. You can earn up to 50% revenue share. ***TIP Save Time Dealing With Bitcoin Faucet Referral Links- Click Here ***